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Awarded best project of the landscaping in Russia in 2022

The other day, Moscow summed up the results of the XIII Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture 2022 and the winner in the nomination "The best realized object of complex improvement of the residential environment with an area of more than 5 Hectares" was recognized as the Zanevsky Park in St. Petersburg.

The main ideological theme of the park in the design was space, so the design of paths, zones and playgrounds have a reference to space and its landscapes. Here they made a full-fledged recreation area with benches and walking paths. A canopy of climbing plants was installed above them to protect them from the scorching sun. Trees were planted around. For lovers of a healthy lifestyle and activities, a sports and running track with a variable route and islands with sports equipment was laid. It will also be interesting for cyclists in the park, for whom they also made a route through the territory and even opened bike parks. Children will be able to spend time on trampolines, visit a climbing wall and an ice complex in the form of a ship "Vostok".

"Archimet" within the framework of this project designed and manufactured seamless conical poles with contemporary light fixtures V.55 and V.26 in an amount of more than 200 pcs.