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Pendant lights

Due to the variety of forms and wide range of applications, ceiling chandeliers become increasingly popular. Outdoor chandelier becomes an object that not only decorates, but also effectively illuminates — it can be area of the house, lobby, storefront, patio, stage, public and pedestrian areas. The cast chandelier will add chic to any room and will cause admiration with its lines and proportions. LED ceiling chandelier can be equipped with LED modules and serve long enough.


At ArchiMet-Apex you can buy outdoor chandeliers with excellent performance characteristics. They are manufactured with modern technology of casting and metalworking. Thanks to this our products are distinguished by durability and lovely design. Most of outdoor chandeliers are decorated with cast iron elements. They make classic design of devices more refined, unique and unusual.

  • Our company sells outdoor chandeliers with a different number of lamps. Models that include a single lamp will be a great addition to the cottage area. For example, they can be placed in a small patio or on terrace.
  • You can also buy outdoor chandeliers with 2-5 lamps, providing bright and efficient lighting. These models are great for patios or yard areas improvement.

More details about outdoor chandeliers you can get from ArchiMet-Apex managers. They will advise regarding the assortment, prices and terms of delivery.