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Forged metal or cast-iron stairs is a modern solution for the interior decoration of cottages, houses, offices and other facilities. You can order exclusive design structures ArchiMet-Apex LLC. We have been designing, manufacturing and selling forged and cast metal products since 1995. Due to extensive experience, we offer quality products that meet the requirements of durability, reliability, safety of use and aesthetics.


Stairs can be:

  1. With flight. Their design can include 2 and more flights. These types of products are most often used in the arrangement of medium and large objects.
  2. Spiral. Spiral staircases are perfect for areas with limited space.
  3. Straight. The simplest type, their axis does not deviate throughout.

The style of execution of the flight and spiral staircases can be different. Elegant, well-designed staircases can highlight the sophistication of any interior, bring in glamour and luxury.


Screw iron staircases are structures that have metal balusters and railings. Their steps can be made of solid wood, metal or other materials. For interior it is recommended to choose staircases with wooden stairs — they can fit into any design and create an atmosphere of coziness and «lightness».

Balusters and railings made by casting and forging are true works of art. Their advantages also include:

  1. Durability and high resistance to wear and tear. Metal products are capable of maintaining their pristine appearance for several decades.
  2. Strength and reliability. Balusters made of cast iron or steel will give the stairs extra rigidity.
  3. Aesthetics.

Screw iron stairs are luxury products that can emphasize the elegance of the object, solidity and good taste of the owner. Metal structures made in a modern or classic style will never go out of style.


ArchiMet-Apex LLC produces high-quality stairs of durable metals, precious wood species and original decorative elements. Due to the high reliability of the stairs, even under heavy use, they will not require repair or restoration. Our company will help choose a forged product, not only for private apartments, but also for the arrangement of hotels. What we offer to our customers:

  • extensive range of stair with exclusive decorative elements — artistic forging;
  • optimal prices from the manufacturer for all products in the catalog (the price of products depends on the level of the design complexity of design, the number of decorative elements);
  • product self pick-up;
  • delivery all over the world by transportation companies.

Spiral, flight, straight stairs — which one will you choose? To find out the price of the products in the catalog, contact our managers by filling out the form on the website. Our managers will contact you as soon as possible, to tell you about the features of each model and, if necessary, help you make a choice. You can also call us at: 8 (495) 646-16-15 (Moscow), 8 (812) 336-16-16 (St. Petersburg).