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Cast-iron balusters

Balusters are small posts supporting fence railings. They have two functions — decorative and protective. ArchiMet-Apex offers cast iron balusters. Samples of our products are presented in the catalog. Can’t find the right option? Do you have any special style and design requests? Contact us in any convenient way.


Structurally, the baluster consists of three parts. At the bottom is the base, which is necessary to fix the baluster to the surface, such as the steps of the stairs. The upper part is designed to fix the railing. The central part acts as a fencing and decoration.

In architecture, balusters of different materials are used. We produce fence elements made of cast iron. This alloy has many advantages, thanks to which we get strong, reliable and at the same time aesthetic products. We recommend using cast iron balusters in the following cases:

  • You need a stylish staircase railing. Cast iron is easy to work with, so we can offer both simple laconic balusters and beautiful twisted products. In our range you can choose the right model of fences for any style of interior.
  • You have additional fence safety requirements. Cast iron balusters match perfectly with any material — concrete, stone, wood, etc. The way of fixing the balusters with special threaded fasteners eliminates possibility of their loosening during utilization.
  • You need architectural elements that are resistant to the negative influence of the environment. Usually such requirements are imposed on balusters, which are used for outdoor fencing. Cast iron is very well for this type of products. It is strong, durable, little susceptible to deformation and can withstand even a heavy blow. For corrosion resistance balusters are coated with a special powder paint.
  • You need a fence that will last a long time and require no additional maintenance. Cast iron architectural elements coated with black powder paint are resistant to negative effects. But their important advantage can be considered reparability. If the coating is damaged, the baluster can easily be repaired. After restoration, both environmental resistance and appearance are fully restored.

To order balusters at ArchiMet-Apex, fill out the form on the website. Our manager will reach out to you to clarify order details, price, manufacturing time and other questions.

Finished balusters can be picked up at our warehouse. We collaborate with transportation companies that can provide delivery all over the world. Do you need delivery? Tell the manager about it during the application.