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For the production of stops and pavilions for the urban environment it is important to combine practicality, functionality and aesthetics. The perfect option is a customized design, adjusted to the place of installation.


Modern constructions are made to meet the high demands of customers. Since they are designed for outdoor use in quite aggressive conditions, selection of materials is a very serious process. They must be able to withstand the wind, temperature extremes, the effects of chemicals from the urban environments.

Cast iron is excellent in service. This unique alloy perfectly withstands the whole variety of destructive environmental factors. It can withstand:

  • high humidity and direct exposure to water;
  • temperature fluctuations, up to severe frosts and heat;
  • dynamic and static loads.

Cast iron pavilions and stops are not susceptible to corrosion. They can be used under regular precipitation for decades. The base does not suffer from direct contact with wet soil.

The material is not deteriorated from exposure to direct sunlight. It is considered anti-vandal — such structures are almost impossible to bend or break.

A big advantage of the cast iron is that it can get any shape. Therefore, any shape of a pavilion or stop from minimalism to Empire is possible.

With regard to design features, the structure is designed, taking into account the specifics of the installation site and the purpose. Such structures can be stationary or mobile. Stationary are ordered for public transportation stops, trading. While mobile pavilions are in demand for banquets and exhibitions, presentations and other events.


Pavilions are especially widely used in trade. As a rule, they are small and installed in crowded places. In some cases, mobile models are more relevant, so you can quickly and easily move them from place to place.

Transport stops are multifunctional. Here people can find shelter from bad weather conditions while waiting for public transportation. But at the same time its space can be used for trade, for example. Such type of constructions must combine several important characteristics:

  • convenience;
  • durability;
  • safety.

Pavilions can also be used for catering outlets. In this case, special attention is paid to compliance with sanitary norms. No less important is the aesthetic appearance. After all, the pavilion must attract the eyes of potential visitors, to dispose of the visit of customers. At the same time any structure is designed with the urban architecture in mind. It should fit in well into the surrounding landscape.


Our company is ready to implement any project, make modular pavilions, multifunctional stop stations. We work high-strength and durable materials, so the structure will last for many years, preserving its original parameters.

What ArchiMet offers:

  • a wide range of pavilions and stops;
  • competitive prices;
  • manufacturing of structures in exact accordance with the customer's requirements.

We are constantly expanding our catalog, improving products to meet the highest expectations of customers!