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Architectural forms

Small architectural forms are the elements of outdoor decoration, that make human environment comfortable, beautiful and cozy.

Production company ArchiMet offers unique products made of metal with wood finishing, which have no analogues on the market. We design and manufacture benches, bins, arbors, fences, art objects and other products for landscaping on our own facilities. We work in different styles, creating original items, harmoniously complementing the architectural environment.

Ways of hardscapes application: Features of our products

Outdoor decoration makes location design unique. Such objects often become a signature, thanks to which cities acquires distinctive features. Classic phone booths of London, cast-iron lanterns of Rome, the grid of the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg and many other things give birth to unique and recognizable images.

Modern hardscapes extend the cultural and historical traditions, combining functionality and decoration. These products are used to decorate parks and public gardens, streets, city squares, areas in front of shopping complexes, playgrounds, beach areas and many other places where you want to create an attractive environment for people.

Functional and decorative forms include:

The products are designed and manufactured with regard to implementation environment. Products are made individually or in bulk.

Requirements to hardscapes

Manufacturing is carried out taking into account the following criteria:

The products by ArchiMet answer state norms and requirements. Our samples of hardscapes can be found on the streets of St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, our products decorate suburban residences and private households.

Unique offer by ArchiMet

For production we use cast iron, corrosion-resistant steel alloys, aluminum, artistically treated wood. Materials undergo special treatment with protective compounds. The products retain their technical characteristics and appearance for years, without need to be updated and restored.

Upon customer’s request the surface can be decorated with colored coatings with a variety of color palette. The compositions are applied in several layers with chamber curing. The technology provides high durability of coating. We offer art patination of the surface of historical style objects.

Items are produced as free-standing or with anchoring.

What we produce

Choose hardscapes from our catalog or order unique items for street furniture. Our design office and production operate in St. Petersburg. Shipment of products all over the world is available.