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Info stands

Outdoor information stands are the most effective for posting relatively large amounts of advertising and image information. Actively used by business, government and public organizations.

Stands can be mounted directly on the wall of the building, separately on metal supports set into the ground, or on legs, concreted into the ground for a better stability.


Of course, the issue of the right placement of image or promotional information is relevant to many companies and organizations. And the most difficult task is what structure to choose to place the data. There is no doubt that plastic stands look too simple, and more important — they are extremely short-lived.

Cast-iron street information stands do not have these disadvantages. They can be used to improve parks and public areas, areas adjacent to business centers or shopping malls. Quite often, such street information stands installed near the entrances to theatres, cinemas, and other entertainment venues.

It makes sense to buy a cast-iron street information stand if you equally value both aesthetic and utilization characteristics. ArchiMet-Apex offers beautiful and durable outdoor information stands for affordable price.

It is worth noting the key advantages of outdoor information stands:

  • Outdoor information stands are not subject to negative external influences due to materials they are made of. In particular they can withstand temperature extremes, high humidity, rain and snowfall. Even under difficult conditions, their service life lasts for several decades.
  • Modern outdoor information stands have a variety of installation ways, enabling to choose the best option.
  • Considering excellent aesthetic qualities and reliability the price for outdoor information stands is optimal.

Specialists of ArchiMet-Apex offer truly original and beautiful outdoor information stands, which are made from high quality raw materials. Possible prompt delivery to client’s address.