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Wall lights

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A series of outdoor ceiling and wall-mounted lighting products was produced on the basis of lamps and brackets by ArchiMet LLC. Outdoor wall lights are designed for improvement of private residences and public urban buildings. Outdoor wall lights richly decorated with architectural elements perfectly fit into architecture of the city, they are versatile and designed considering various applications.


«ArchiMet-Apex» offers a wide range of outdoor lamps — wall lights distinguished by their design and excellent performance. These devices are versatile because they are great for both highlighting house’s entrance and facades of a historic building or any other object. Their «old-fashioned» design looks really elegant and noble.

However, you can also give preference to outdoor wall lights with lamps made of «classic» frosted white glass. These models will perfectly complement any country area.

When choosing outdoor wall lights it is advisable to pay attention to the location of the lamp:

  • If it is a floor lamp (directed upward), the lamp will create a soft, diffused ligh.
  • Models with pendant lamps (directed downward) are perfect for focused illumination.

We create outdoor wall lights using materials that are impervious to external influences. It is because of this the lamps preserve their original appearance for many years.