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Bollards are cast metal products for delimiting space in yards, garden plots and public places. They are used to fence off roadways or pedestrian areas. Bollards are widely used for improvement of both private and urban areas. Bollards can be used separately, as well as grouped together by means of chains or decorative pipes.

ArchiMet LLC offers outdoor bollards from the manufacturer. We sell steel products made by artistic iron casting. Our products:

  1. Robust. It cannot be broken or bent.
  2. Durable. The service life can be up to 100 years.
  3. Resistant to negative external influences of the environment.

Bollards are reliable structures that can be installed in areas with any climatic conditions.


ArchiMet-Apex LLC offers a wide range of bollards. Models differ in size, design features (bollards with hooks to combine into groups), color schemes. We produce bollards in a variety of design variations. We provide affordable solutions with simple designs, as well as elegant designs — with complex ornaments.

Several factors will affect the price of the products:

  • manufacturing complexity;
  • height;
  • decorative elements.

Before choosing the bollards it is necessary to decide on the type of future fencing. For private or recreation areas delimiting bollards of a small height would suit best. For parking spaces zoning or demarcation of the pedestrian zones we recommend to buy models with a height of at least 1000 mm.

Bollards produced by our company is a stylish solution from the local manufacturer with guaranteed quality. We offer the best prices for all products, information support and order delivery to any country. Contact us! We regularly carry out promotion campaigns giving our clients a chance to buy bollards at a reduced price.