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Flowerpots and cache-pots

Outdoor flowerpots are made considering special operating conditions. Therefore, the advantage have metal structures that can withstand temperature changes, precipitation and other destructive factors. Different methods of metal processing are great for both practical, reliable and intricate cache pots, with original design that can become a decoration for your space.


There are different outdoor flowerpots. Floor models, which can be placed in any corner, are convenient and popular in their own way. Suspended flowerpots, attached to walls, columns, fences and other supports look bright as well.

Vases are decorated with numerous elements:

  • Curls and volutes.
  • Rings and other geometric shapes.
  • Leaves and flower buds.

Outdoor cache pots with gold and silver, bronze or chrome finish look completely different. Thanks to the well-chosen sputtering, the design takes on a distinctly modern spirit. You can also emphasize classic style.


We are ready to produce street flowerpots according to your sketch, but we also have our own model range of functional and aesthetically attractive cache pots. Years of experience, use of reliable and durable materials — a pledge of fruitful cooperation with «ArchiMetal».

Our flower beds are used to create spectacular compositions. You can order single vases or sets where each piece will complement each other. In addition to the cachepots you may need wrought iron hooks and hangers, other accessories and fasteners — you can order everything in one place.