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Suspended street clock

Cast iron clocks is a non-standard decoration of space and a functional element that adds special charm to the urban environment or private property. Metal frame can be of any style, supplemented by a variety of decorative details. Modern high-strength alloys can easily be processed in various ways, they are coated with sputtering with imitation of gold, silver and bronze.


Wall clocks with touch of monumentality and the spirit of bygone eras is perceptible are made by forging. These classical style constructions will decorate city gardens, parks or squares.

But also we see a high demand for modern solutions with a minimum of decoration, with their peculiar style. In any case, a clock in a forged frame will not be left unnoticed. They can be of any diameter, depending on place of installation.

Reliability of the holders and fasteners is very important for these elements. This is why a competent professional approach is necessary. Our engineers make calculations so that the frame can withstand the load, depending on the diameter and weight of the clocks.

Since the clock is used outdoor, it is necessary to protect the mechanism from humidity, temperature fluctuations and other destructive influences. It is extremely important to ensure uninterrupted operation considering limited access for maintenance and repair.


ArchiMetal offers ready-made solutions — in our catalog you can choose extraordinary forged clocks to emphasize unique style. In case the client has personal ideas on how the metal frame should look like, it is possible to work based on an individual sketch or drawing.