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Cast-iron tables and chairs

ArchiMet-APEX offers stylish table bases made of cast iron. You want to create a unique, inimitable design? A cast-iron table bases would be a great choice. Such products fit well in luxurious baroque and classic interiors. Tables with cast iron legs are suitable for home and a cafe or a restaurant. In our product range you will find a product of almost any style. It can be a heavy, solid support or elegant legs that look like a metal lace.


Cast iron is a strong alloy. Products made of it are long-lasting, not prone to negative effects. The undoubted advantages of cast iron table supports are:

  • Easy processing of the alloy. Almost any kind of product can be cast from cast iron, including very complex shapes, with decorative elements. Because of this, cast iron products are characterized by such a variety of styles.
  • High load capacity. Cast-iron table legs can withstand a very heavy load, while the surface of the table base does not get chips, cracks, the inner metal structure does not get damaged. High resistance to loads makes cast iron legs a good choice for public places, such as restaurants.
  • Resistance to corrosion. Cast iron is not afraid of high humidity, so the tables bases can be used not only for indoor but also outdoors interiors. A table with a cast-iron base can be placed on terrace or in the garden area.
  • Reparability. Cast iron is resistant to corrosion, but small pockets of damage can form on its surface in conditions of high humidity. They are not a serious problem for a cast iron base. The damaged areas just need to be sanded down and coated with black paint to completely solve the problem.

The cast iron base will last for decades, requiring no special maintenance. Throughout its life, the product retains its original appearance, not changing it under the influence of moisture, temperature fluctuations, direct sunlight.


Cast iron bases are made to order by our craftsmen. Choose the model you like from the catalog on the web-site and fill out application form. Our specialist will contact you shortly. Cast iron table bases are affordable, but the price depends on different factors. Upon order our manager will calculate the price of the finished product.

You can pick up the finished product yourself at our warehouse. Don’t want to arrange the transportation? Are you in another region of Russia or even another country? Place your order for cast iron legs with delivery. We transport our products to any countries. We work with reliable transportation companies, so we can guarantee compliance with the rules of transportation and safety of the product.