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Fireside sets

Fireplace accessories is a set of utensils designed for maintenance of fireplaces, to ensure comfort and safety of its use. Also, such customized tools serve as interior decorations.


The fireplace set includes a variety of accessories:

  • Anderson are racks for burning wood, which give the hearth a special effect.
  • Racks and holders — for storing of various tools.
  • Grilles, doors, or screens are protective structures that prevent embers from getting on the floor or carpet.
  • Firewood baskets.
  • Fittings — hinges and pawls, hooks and rivets.
  • Tools — poker, tongs, spatula, brush.

Modern fireplace accessories are made ornate, with a variety of decorative elements. They are not only functional, but also are a great aesthetic addition. Traditionally, they are executed in the same style as the fireplace or surrounding interior.

Heat-resistant alloys are used for manufacturing. Metal wrought iron fireplace accessories are covered with corrosion-resistant primer and paint to further protect against destructive factors and provide decorative properties. Tools, doors, and a variety of holders coated in gold, bronze, or silver are especially charming.


Our company produces ready-made fireplace sets and various accessories upon order. We manufacture accessories based on pictures, sketches or drawings. We use high quality durable materials, design solutions that ensure safety and guarantee long life of each accessory.