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ArchiMet company has been creating elements of small architecture for the urban environment for more than 20 years. We offer unique customized products developed by our designers. For cozy places to relax, we offer durable and elegant pergolas made of cast iron.


Pergola is a lightweight arched structure. It can be used to create a small patio or a place to rest. The structure can be covered with material or placed next to a vine that will completely braid the posts, creating a beautiful, shady environment. They are suitable both for designing of recreational areas in city parks and squares, and for landscaping suburban areas.

Pergolas are made of different materials, but cast iron is superior to its analogues:

  • Cast iron is a strong and reliable alloy. Cast iron pergolas have a long service life.
  • Cast iron well resists environmental influence and this is very important for small architectural elements that form the landscape. The outside of the pergola is coated with paint, increasing its resistance to UV light, rain and snow.
  • Cast iron pergolas are repairable. If the surface of the post is damaged, it can easily be repaired without the need to dismantle the entire structure.
  • Cast iron can be used to create very beautiful designs. Despite the strength and monumentality of the material, they look almost weightless, especially in combination with plants.
  • Cast iron is a heavy alloy, but it is easy to work with, so it can be used to create even complex decorative elements that visually look light.
  • Cast iron pergola is an affordable solution, and since the life of products made of this alloy is counted in long decades, it reduces operating costs for maintenance and repair.

Cast-iron pergola can become a real decoration of the landscape and a favorite place to relax on hot summer days.


We offer different models of pergolas. The standard height of the arch — 2500 mm, width 1500 mm. The arch structure can be of any length. Small pergolas are suitable for decorating entrances, alleys. Products of greater length can be used to create a cozy patios.

Also you can pick up products of large dimensions — up to 3900 mm height, and 3500 wide. Side of pergola may have additional aisles of standard height or fully entwined with plants. It all depends on your preferences and peculiarities of the landscape design of the garden, where the structure will be installed.

We also offer customized pergolas. Such a design may not only have standard arch with dimensions you need, but also additional design elements in the form of small fences, additional openings in the sides.

Do you want to make your garden beautiful and cozy? Install a cast iron pergola. Come to us and choose the model you like.