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Wooden poles

Wooden lighting poles are made of natural wood and reinforced with rolled steel. To ensure durability for all weather conditions, they are coated with zinc-containing primer of any shade from the RAL catalog.


Compared to reinforced concrete wooden poles are light. This reduces cost of transportation, and any special requirements to the basement.

Installation is quick and easy without need of special equipment. This also leads to costs decrease.

Wood durability thanks to application of special compounds, withstanding considerable bending forces. Wood tolerates shocks and sharp jerks. Our wooden poles are valued for these advantages:

  • Wood is dielectric, thus safe for users.
  • Dielectric properties contribute to economy by eliminating leakage of currents when transmitting power over long distances.
  • Even metal-reinforced wooden lighting posts are cheaper than reinforced concrete poles and their analogues.

Such structures have excellent stability, including loose and wet soils. They are also valued for their environmental friendliness.


Our company has been creating comfortable urban environment for over 20 years. During this time, many of our developments have proven successful in practice. Verifying each structural element, selecting high-quality and reliable materials, we offer wooden lighting poles for best price. Since the production process is controlled at every stage, our products last for decades, without rotting, resistant to temperature changes, wind and precipitation.