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Street lighting

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Since 1995 ArchiMet-Apex LLC is engaged in development, production and sale of street lighting equipment. During this time we have accumulated a rich experience, thanks to which we produce energy-efficient, high-quality and durable lighting fixtures. Due to the extensive range of products, we provide lighting facilities for any purpose: from household areas to major highways.


Devices for outdoor lighting — an essential attribute used for improvement of various areas and objects. They increase visibility when natural light level is insufficient and ensure comfort and safety for people moving around in the evening or at night.
Outdoor lighting fixtures are used for illumination of parks, public gardens, road junctions, city streets. They are used for illumination of buildings facades, front entrances, monuments and other cultural objects. They can also be used as exterior decoration and for landscape design, visual enhancement of adjacent areas, gardens, as well as for highlighting of private buildings.


ArchiMet-Apex LLC is engaged in sale of:

We also manufacture and sell cone-shaped poles for installation of outdoor lighting on height.

Our website has a special section called «Promotions» with a list of discounted outdoor lighting for customers who want to save money. The promoted products meet all operational requirements, of high quality, reliability and durability just like all products from other sections.


Lighting fixtures by ArchiMet-Apex LLC are made of durable materials: cast iron or steel. Their surface is treated with a specialized zinc-containing composition, which ensures resistance to corrosion, and preservation of flawless design even when used in harsh climatic conditions. Main features of our products:

  1. High air tightness and moisture resistance.
  2. Functionality. Energy efficiency and focused light output.
  3. Easy and quick replacement of light sources — lamps.
  4. Protection of internal units from street dust, dirt and adverse weather conditions.

Choose and order devices for efficient street lighting in our company. You can buy both a single unit and leave a request for bulk wholesale deliveries. You can pick up the products yourself from the pick-up point in St. Petersburg. We can also deliver the product to any other countries by means of transportation companies. Contact us! We guarantee high quality of our products at the best prices, compliance with the terms of processing and execution of orders agreed with the customer.