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Kuskovo Museum, Moscow

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin visited the Kuskovo Museum-Reserve, where a unique architectural ensemble of the XVIII century — the former estate of the Sheremetevs - is located surrounded by a forest park. This year, the city started work on the rehabilitation of the forest park with a total area of 287 hectares.

"As for the large territory of the park, it was also a complicated story. Someone said that we don't need to do anything, let's just rehabilitate the ponds. Someone said: let's make sports and playgrounds. We have been conducting an examination for several years, voted on the “Active Citizen” — everyone agreed. Therefore, during the year everything has been done so that it is very comfortable to walk, safe," Sergei Sobyanin said.

"Archimet" as part of the reconstruction of the museum-reserve "Kuskovo", together with the leading architects of the city of Moscow, the Department of Capital Repairs and UKRIS, designed and manufactured individual models of lanterns and urban furniture in a single concept and style:

  • Cast–iron lanterns with a light fixture V.07 - 281pcs.

  • Pavilion-ticket office – 1 pc.

  • Cast-iron bench 2m and 3m – 259pcs.

  • Cast–iron banquette for legs - 113pcs.

  • Cast–iron sunbed - 28pcs.

  • Cast-iron trash bin – 235pcs.

  • Bike parking – 38pcs.

  • Energy column – 46pcs.

  • Poles for navigation – 47pcs.