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Lantern 4.T12.3.27.V12-02/2

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Light fixture V12-02
Pole Cast-iron base with steel pole and cast-iron elements
Height 9800mm
Weight 630kg
Подключение 220 В, 50 Гц
Тип подводки питающего кабеля Подземный или воздушный
The base coating is a polymer zinc-phosphate primer in combination with epoxy or polyurethane enamel from leading European manufacturers. The color of the product is selected by the Customer from the basic palette or from the RAL color catalog. Additionally, it is possible to paint individual elements of the lantern according to the selected style (gold, "patina", etc.)

The support is installed on the embedded part of the foundation by means of a flange connection. The type, dimensions, power (load-bearing capacity) of the foundations of the supports are calculated in each specific case, depending on the region of operation and the purpose of the support. All foundations are covered with an anticorrosive

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